Use these three simple and effective multi-ball combination training methods to truly improve your tennis skills

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The colorful sports life is brought to everyone today. Only by using these three simple and effective multi-ball combination training methods can you really improve your tennis level. Multi-ball combination training can simulate various games and effectively stimulate various physical aspects. In response, professional athletes are also inseparable from such exercises. Today's article has compiled three simple and effective multi-ball combination training methods. I hope everyone can try more to find the best for them and make progress together. In addition to training methods, multi-ball combination training also needs to understand various points such as footwork and hitting techniques of different incoming balls.

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First, multi-ball training by moving the bottom line left and right. In this practice, the coach can throw the ball to different depths, Height allows students to hit different incoming balls. When students hit the ball, some well-played balls, such as the ball inside the baseline at waist height, can be used to hit the ball, while some higher balls outside the baseline can be used to spin up the defensive ball. After each hitting technique, quickly return to position. You can also play forehands both left and right toss. In the choice of the return line, you can choose a straight diagonal line to hit the target area.

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Second, the bottom line throws the ball back and forth; the coach throws a ball that allows the students to move back and forth at the bottom line to simulate the shallow and deep ball played by the opponent during the game. The coach not only has to stand on the forehand side of the students to throw the ball, but also stand on the backhand side and throw the ball to the students' forehand. Because the coming ball comes from different directions, the difficulty and feeling of hitting are different. 

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Three servings, bottom line, before the net. Combination ball practice. After you serve the ball, your coach or partner quickly throws the ball to your forehand and backhand, then midfielder, and finally the tennis volley is high. At this point, we must pay attention to the connection between the ball and the ball, because there are many changes in movement and hitting action, so the footwork must be adjusted actively and accurately.

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Post time: Mar-02-2021
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